Hair’s looking at you!

We bring you easy to do hairstyles from hair and beauty expert, Ambika Pillai that will keep you looking chic all summer

Here are some hot hairstyles that will keep you looking cool. But as with most things…

… Preparation holds the key

So, before you style your hair keep the following points in mind...

1.     If you have fizzy, wavy or curly hair always use an anti-fizz serum. Smooth it on damp hair (especially the tips) and avoid applying it directly to the scalp.

2.    If you have fine hair, do not use a heavy conditioner. To dry your hair, blast dry it forward or upside down with medium heat before switching to cool air to add volume.


Take Five

1. Messy Fishtail braid: Fishtail braids look great. The messier and thicker the better. Swung over one shoulder with some wispy bits in the front, add softness around the face.


Deepika Padukone

  • Tie your hair into a side ponytail using a hair band. This gives you more control. Once you’ve finished your braid, slip it off. If your braid is too tight you can loosen it up later.
  • Those who have curly and wavy hair have an advantage as the more texture your hair has, the thicker your braid will be. However, if you have fine hair, don’t worry. With a bit of random, messy curling with a curling iron or straightener and, or some backcombing you too can have thick looking braids.



2. Wrap around side French braid: Start with a dramatic side parting. You can experiment with a clean straight parting or a soft zigzag depending on how much volume your hair has.

Freida Pinto

  • Take a collection of hair from where your parting starts and begin the braid only adding in hair from the front or the side of the braid closest to your face or neck. This makes it an open or one-sided French braid.  If it's not perfect, don’t worry.  Sometimes the flaws in a braid make it look better.
  • Make sure you keep the braid as low as possible (close to the base of your hairline). End the braid a few inches below your ear on the opposite side of your head and continue making a normal braid till near the end of your hair.


3. Low side bun: Make sure your hair is dry and that you’ve used your anti-fizz (if required). If you have thick, waxy or curly locks use mousse as well. After applying the relevant products blast dry your hair forward or upside down with your dryer set on medium heat or cool. This will add volume to your hair. 

Eva Longoria

  • Gather your hair in a low ponytail to the side and secure with a thin hair band. Make sure that there are a few tendrils of hair left out to softly frame your face. Gather sections of the ponytail in your hand and wrap these around the hair band and secure using juda pins (U-shaped hair pins).
  • Keep the sections soft and don’t pull your hair too tight. We want a slightly messy-casual look where the end result is quite chic. For those with poker straight or fine hair, lightly tong the sections of your hair before you wrap them around and secure them with pins. Use a little hair spray to finish if required.


4. Textured hair: Casual beachy waves and soft textures --- this look is very in now and easier to do than you may expect. 

Gisele Bündchen

  • Use anti-fizz and mousse in your hair then roughly create a centre parting from forehead to nape. Make six braids in each section. Using a flat iron press and move down each braid.
  • When all the braids are done undo them and softly shake out/tousle your hair. Voila! Beautifully textured hair, which looks natural and sex







5. Mohawk with ponytail: Those with short hair should use styling gel/wax before slicking down the sides and spiking up the centre section of the crown area. Those with long hair should leave the hair in the crown area and pull the rest of the hair into a medium high ponytail.

Reese Witherspoon

  •  Iron out the hair in the ponytail. Take small sections (parallel to your forehead) starting from the back and softly tease it (backcomb it).
  •  Work your way from back to front. Once done, style it to your preference using hairspray to set it.

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