Salman Khan looking to buy a bungalow in Dubai

Updated: December 18, 2012 00:00 IST
284284articles Salman Khan looking to buy a bungalow in Dubai

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

If Salman Khan goes ahead with buying a bungalow on the VIP front of the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, he could well wake up to find Shah Rukh Khan glaring at him! Both are already neighbours in the Mumbai suburb of Bandra and their houses face the waterfront. Incidentally, a signature villa, which SRK owns on The Palm Jumeirah, costs approximately Dh 20 million and up, while a garden villa averages Dh 11 million. 
Salman, who was in Dubai recently for a dance show, had checked out a few villas at the Palm Jumeirah. Shah Rukh already owns a bungalow there. And Salman clarifies, “I haven’t seen anything as yet, but it is on the cards.”
Salman seems to simply love Dubai. He celebrated his last birthday and New Year’s Eve there. He even launched his Being Human clothing line there. He told sources that he would prefer to live in Dubai if his work didn’t require him to live in Mumbai.

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