SHOCKING: Hrithik, Suzanne to Separate?

Updated: September 20, 2013 17:00 IST
12461246articles SHOCKING: Hrithik, Suzanne to Separate?

Suzanne Roshan and Hrithik Roshan

The grapevine has been buzzing overtime with news that a, 'Certain A-lister is separating from his wife who was his childhood sweetheart.' Time to put speculations aside as news has emerged that the couple is Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan. Apparently, Suzanne could not deal with how 'unreal' their life had become and she was the one who chose to leave him. Suzanne is presently believed to be staying with her parents and they are being counselled by family members on what the next steps should be. Our deepest sympathies to their two young sons if the news is true.

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if this news is true,its really sad.Sometimes the couple has to think from the point of view as parents n not jst husband and wife.Communication is the sorting tool of all problems and things can b smooth again,all wat is required is patience.
Posted on : 2013-09-20 23:26:36
I think Hritik has really lost a few screws of his head coz after his head surgery he's been acting a bit wierd as in he seems to have become over-enthusiastic about any n every thing. I dont blame Susane if at all this news is true. How can u deal wid sm1 like dis fr all the time.... lets jus hope its not true at all n Hritik comes back to normal again.. :)
Posted on : 2013-09-20 21:21:10

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